miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2007

CitiZEn KaNe y tHe WhiTe StrIpes

"You cant be loved,
for there is no true love"...
(Uno de los sirvientes en una cena)

Sure I'm C.F.K.
but you gotta love me...
the cost no man can say

(Referencia a la idea moral principal de la película)

"Well I'm sorry but I'm not interested in gold mines, oil wells, shipping or real estate..."

(CITA de la película)

...There is a man a certain man
and for the poor you may be sure that he'll do all he can
who is this one?who's favourite son?just by his action has the traction magnets on the run
who likes to smoke enjoys a joke and wouldn't get a bit upset if he were really broke
with wealth and fame he's still the same I'll bet you five you're not alive
If you don't know his name.....

(canción dedicada a C.F.K en una cena...)

TODO ELLO aparece en la canción "The Union Forever", de The White Stripes.

Me di cuenta de todo esto ayer, revisando, muchos años despues, esta imprescindible pelicula.."Citizen Kane" de Orson Welles
Tambien vine a darme cuenta de que soy demasiado frikie de los stripes :S

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